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Fete Guide

Putting on a fete is like cooking a "baked dinner" - takes a long to prepare... no time to eat...and a long time to clean up....but seeing smiles on kids faces makes it all worthwhile!

Contrary to what some people believe, Fetes, Fairs and Festivals don't just "pop up like mushrooms" on the day of the event. Many months of intensive planning are required, and the overall success of the fete will depend to a very large extent upon how thorough the groundwork has been.

With effective preparation, and a bit of luck with the weather, every fete should run smoothly, proving financially rewarding for the organisers, and enjoyable for all in attendance. If you are considering convening your first Fete and have no idea where to start, or are looking for new ideas to spice up an established Fair - this Fete Guide may be of assistance. All areas are covered; from the initial Fete Committee formation, through to themes, fairground rides, advertising, entertainment and financials.

As most Fetes are school-based events, this will be the focus of the Guide, though the same basic principles apply to any Community organisation.

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As most Fetes are school-based events, this will be the focus of the Guide, though the same basic principles apply to any Community organisation.

Advertise Your Special Event

If your organisation is planning a Special Event, there no better way of promoting the day, than on the national Fetes Fairs and Festivals website. Listings can be made free of charge, and cover all major cities and regional areas in Australia.

Fetes Fairs and Festivals is also a fabulous source of community Special Event details, for those looking for fun, excitement, fine food, wonderful entertainment and a great day out for the whole family.

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Services and Suppliers

For those organising a Fete, Fair, Festival or Special Event, the Services and Suppliers directory may be of assistance. From Fireworks Displays to Amusement Rides; Stage Hire to Food and Drink Vendors - links to a wide range of industry related services are available on this site.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is offered as a helpful guide only. Please accept the information, modify it or reject it to suit your own purpose. Readers should not act solely on the basis of the material presented here and the author of the Fete Guide does not accept responsibility for any ideas implemented for whatever reason. We wish you a successful event.

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